Thursday, August 27, 2009

The new face of Ejigbo Local Governmet in process

Measures are in line towards making Ejigbo Local Council Development Area (LCDA), getting a new look, and making it a tourist centre for observers.

Ejigbo local council development area chairman Mr Kehind Bamigbetun make this known while briefing news hunters during a media tour in every local council development area in Ejigbo.

Mr. Bamigbetun said that the measures in place for the community include the building of new primary schools, customary court, public toilet, canals among these rests of others.

Bamigbetun specifically pointed out that among the constructions going on is the Oke Afa canals and the drainage system. this will be a critical project and ambitious one of this administration due to the fact that the Lagos State intended to bring a ferry services that will begin from international airport and terminate at mile 2 and onward.’ if than it is ensure that there is regular flow of water into the ferry, the flow will be faster with that there will be traffic congestion on the road.

Another reason for the critical involvement of the project is the development of a tourist centre, bomb blast January 27 2002 where innocent soul lost there live, same spot were they buried. Therefore we intend to make it a attractive for tourist purpose.

Bamigbetun noted that the brain behind the construction is to make every resident in that areas reap the dividend of democracy and making fulfillment of his promises.

During the media tour, Engineer Oluyemi Akinsanya narrate how Orile Ejigbo looks like before embarking on the canal project and how his security(gateman)Mallam Alli lost his due to the heavy downpour of rain.

Engineer Akinsanya also complain about the improper cement and low quality of materials used by the contractors, which gave room for Bamigbetun urging the Ejigbo residents to report any contractor using inferior materials, challenging them to be a watchdog because it’s a collective communal project not government or individual project.

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