Friday, June 26, 2009

Heavy rain,please help.......

Government workers and others in the working class, this morning witness a heavy down pour of rain in Lagos State.

The rain which started in the early hours of this morning stopped with a sign of drizzling.

The rain which generates a mixed feeling from some commuters, market women(traders) and students who spoke to our correspondent noted that whenever the rain starts they hardly gain access to their various place of destination due to the non free flow of rain in the areas.

Some of the areas that were affected like Osodi, Iyana-Ipaja, and Ikeja indeed shows that concerned authorities especially the Local Council Development Area,(LCDA)Chairmen should provide solution to the areas that drainages are not flowing freely.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Message to His Excellence

A Prophet who is not honoured at home and outside his gradualy heading for destruction no matter his effort towards making an entire entity to glory.
This was as a result of the slow pace of President Umaru Musa YarAdua's Administration at a circulated assessment of the two years ruling Nigeria.
His two years of ruling as been regarded as disappointing outcome, Within his two years.He articulated a clear vision of seven points aganda which is slowly coming to an end, has become the butt of joke not seeing the light of the day.Also vision 20-20 which was inherited from the former President Olusegun Obasanjo has not been detailed. National Economy Empowerment Development Strategies(NEEDS), programmes, plans has been dumped.
According to some prominent Politicians who said that President YarAdua does not seem to have one good overarching idea that he relentlessly pursues. Even his "Rule of law idea is not fully understood and respected by his inner circle, his attorney General and family. The administration seems unfocused and in the of a critic, clueless".
Power generation has fallen from 3200MW in May 2007 to less than 1000MW and all inherited power investments put on hold while being endlessly investigated and falsehood propagation to discredit needed investment has been aborted.
Recently, Ghanian Presiodent John Atta Mills announced 15 years tax free for interested businessmen to come and invest, the implication of this is that Ghana economy will boom and it will aloso provide job opporunities for the citizens and other jobless ones. what is happaning to our own President?.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What are we Rebranding, hungry, thief’s.

It’s better to quit when the ovation is loud, than to quit when there is decorum.
This statement would be better if the minister of information and communication, Professor Dora Akunyili could stick to this little piece of advice the Nigerian are chanting towards her image, credible woman presume to be, mama no nonsense. She is not finding it easy to persuade a cynical public to key into her pet program of Rebranding Nigeria.
Recent, cynics find it difficult to believe how Akunyili’s program would be different from others in the past.
Research had shown that even though government’s image laundering project in the past have never achieved the set objective, they only created opportunities for publics officers involved in them to feed fat for public funds.
For instance Regime of Late General Sani Abacha became instant millionaires and billionaires through the project. President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2004 took Nigeria into another round of bottomless expenditure in the name of Nigeria Image Project, later renamed “Heart of Africa Project”. Although the Federal Government is not forthcoming on how much was wasted on the project between 2004-2008 going by media investigation, therefore we presume that several billions of naira had gone down the drain(empty achievement of government).
The minister has admitted, her comment “Actually, what we have in the 2009 budget is Heart of Africa. All we did was to change the name from Heart of Africa to Rebranding Nigeria campaign”.
Through public opinion sampling, we discovered that the Rebrand campaign is a project launched in haste.
What are we really Rebranding, Nigerian, but is there anything to Rebrand when people are yet to avoid three meal in a day, yet politicians(they are fake products) are embezzling money to their pockets
However, what is clear is no matter how beautifully coined, it cannot sell a country positively to the outside world

Monday, June 15, 2009

Celebration of eyo festival

History indeed is a story to tell to everybody and pass it to the next generation.
This story is intended to some reading about Lagos Adamu Orisha Festival.
Beyond reasonable doubt the day of performance of an Adamu Orisha play is unquestionably a very joyous day of splendor and gaiety, The trace of its public performance must be rooted in Legend, but those Legends are completely lost to history.The point of performance was at Oke-Ita(outside mount) that was the site where successive kings and Obas of Lagos State traveled to watch the Adamu Orisha Festival for many years before the middle of the nineteenth century staged at Agbadrigi(Badagry).
In order to view the performance, five days at least was set aside by everybody to participate in the early pilgrimage.
The Adamu Orisha Festival is by tradition staged in memory of a deceased person , but almost always a great occasion or even is usually chosen to perform the festival .Hence the staging of an Adamu Orisha is significant both for the greet occasion and the relations and friends of the deceased person being honored.
Several illustration sons and daughters of this country had been honoued with unique performances of the Adamu Orisha Festival.
Today the festival retains in its entirely the richness of the culture. the performers themselves derives considerable style of movement, acrobatic dancing and display of their masquerades. The Eyo wield a staff called opambata, which he uses and manipulate with peculiar skill and agility and only occasionally employs it to beat an erring bystander. He wears a headgear called Aga by ceremony .there are various Eyo GROUPS MAINLY Eyo Oloku, Eyo Oniko , Eyo Agere ,Eyo Ologede Eyo Alakete-pupa.its is noted that Eyo group must belong to a ruling house or chieftaincy family house.
The Eyo resound an UNCOMMON LANGUAGE i.e ventriloquial voice, suggesting that he was not human and also that he represents the spirit of a depar4ted person. The yorubas, believes inn the reincarnation of the spirit of their loved deceased ones, they believe that the spirit of their departed ancestors is always with them at all times ready to strike in order to protect them.
THE Eyo symbolizes the arrival on earth of the spirit, and whenever you meet Eyo and greet him with the word Agogoro Eyo! He is expected to answer Mo Yo Fun E, Mo Yo Fun Ra Mi, I rejoice with you I rejoice with myself.

Celebration of eyo festival
What a day to remember at the staging of the Eyo Festival in memory of the late illustrious son of Lagos State Chief Theopulius Otunba Shobowale Benson, at Tafawa Balawe Square, TBS, Mainland Lagos.

Lagos State Governor, Barrister Babatunde Raji Fashola,SAN, during the displaying of the Eyo noted that it goes beyond tradition culture but also expressing the life of late TOS Benson, noting that the life of TOS Benson shows that indeed he is an illustrious person.

Governor Fashola, noted that these has shown to the world that Nigerian culture is very rich.

Some of the dignitaries in event include the Oba of Lagos State Oba Aiyealuwa Chief Riliwan Akiola 1,former governor of Ogun State Chief Olusegun Osoba, former governor of Cross River State ,Dr Donald Duke, and the famous movie producer, director Tunde Kelani
Tourists around the world also witness the occasion of the Eyo Festival.

The death of an hero

In remembrance of June 12, all citizens have been charge to be optimistic in their endeavors so as to achieve the Millennium Development Goal. (MDGs).
This was the report filed from the Deputy Governor, Plateau State Honorable Mrs Pauline Tallen. (OFR) during a seminar to mark the anniversary of JUNE 12 election, organized by the Organization for Christians in Democracy at Ikeja.
The Deputy Governor who was duly represented by the National Chairman on religious matters Rev. John Pofi. He noted that Nigeria was granted full independence in October 1960, as a federation of three regions (northern, western, and eastern) under a constitution for a parliamentary form of government. Under the constitution, each of the three region retained a substantial measure of self governance which actual gave the federal government exclusive power defense and security, foreign relations, and commercial and fiscal policies.
Rev Pofi, said politicians must ensure that they exercise the highest form of responsibility in serving the people who elected them; they must ensure good governance and shun corruption, nepotism.
He said election in Nigeria was described as a way of choosing credible leadership. In 1990 the first stage of partisan election was held at all local government level by gubernatorial and state legislative elections in 1991, turnout was low but violent was not find. However Babangida canceled primaries election scheduled for August and September 1992 due to fraud.
All announced candidates were disqualified, after delayed promises for election in 1990, the government finally held a presidential election on JUNE 12, 1993.In what most observers deemed to be Nigeria’s fairest elections which indicates that the businessman mogul Chief M.K.O Abiola won the election, but on JUNE 23, Babangida used his several pending lawsuits to annul the election put Nigeria into turmoil.
To the surprise of hearing General Babangida gave the reason why he annulled the 1993 election which produced a true democratic leader. He said he was compelled to nullify the election because of security threats to the enthronement of a democratic government at the time.
Babangida made this disclosure on a T.V program, Moments with Mo, anchored by Mo Abudu a broadcast on MNet channel of DSTV. He said the annulment was unfortunate and revealed that he launch a book on the saga soon ( how soon is the soon).
In his own contribution President of the Organisation for Christian for Democracy, Rev Taiwo Ajose urged all Christians to come out in mass and participate in political issues so as to move the nation forward.