Friday, October 16, 2009

After the party

Indeed music is full of life so let it continue to roll like the rolling thunder boat that strikes the whole community. As a matter of desperation, music is love if only one can identify the spirit of love running and roving in ones mind then everything is settled in your own judgment reasoning
The very first day I listen and watch save the last dance I taught if am wrong please correct me am holy enough to behold the burning desire in my hearth by stopping the quest from dancing, but my effort was stylishly abolished from the glance of my sight. Right from the DJ’s stand, the music as been littering the ground which arose to the imagination of the visitor which amounts to the sudden dancing steps displayed by individuals.
Wait a minute when the warming was passed not for the law makers benefits, but for individual benefit ‘don’t drink when driving’ in fact to smoke and drive, these are all for my benefit if only you think so. Oh I fill story for my friend “oh the drunkard” please not client the drunk. After the party my friend was drunkard, he asked me, I believe he’s not normal, but fortunately he himself believe he’s right when asking me the road that links to Ibadan express way when actually he was on the route in Ogba Bus-stop
Can someone brief me the duty of Nigerian Police Force, protection of life and property they say, but that was not the case of the man that was drunked after the party, when they willing stopped the drunked man and collected money and ironically the man was passed to find his route to his destination, is that man safe after the party?
Oh I’m virgin; I even taught that they were referring to virgin Atlantic Airways. No one tells you that she is a virgin until you witness after the party when the music is rolling especially when the light is switch off,then think of what will happen After the party what happen.
There come the visitor, that arrived Nigeria, in the busy street of Agege, Ifako-Ijaiye, Yaba,, oh I forgot the slumming area of Makoko.
Watch out! for the consequences of After the Party

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