Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Federal Government Verses Societial's Issues.

They don’t even bordered for the youth in the society any longer, they believe that no one on earth could question them about there activities while in power? No wonder they say absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well if only they could think twice deeply then things will walk out smoothly than we ever imagine.
A popular Ajejunle musician (Africa China) sang a song, ”Mr. President” ………Poor man way steal magi, den go show in face for crime fighter(EFCC)…..but Rich man way steal money den no go show in face for crime fighters.(there is no equality of Law in this country, a country where lawlessness parades the streets).
In an interview (GALAXY TV.) with the Senate President David Mark, speaking concerning the ASUU strike, He says” sympathy has been rather to them (Lecturers) by the messes if they don’t cancel the strike then they while loss sympathy from the public”. With such statement I’m totally disappointed in him.
It’s a shame on the Education Minister Mr. Sam Egwu, for not worthy to serve his follower brothers, i.e. educationist (Professors and Lecturers).They are on strike yet he his celebrating his marriage anniversary and birthday party. Is that a true leader? If at all he wants to celebrate his birthday, not at this point of ASSU strike. Imagine almost 120billion naira was spent.
That shows that the strike action only give impression that education is not a priority to the government. Do you now think vision 2020 and Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) will see the realm of the sunlight? With their un-challant attitude toward education in the state.
What are they asking for, that the federal government can’t give, if a senator receive #53.1 million per annual, compare to a university professor #913,857.60 per annual.
Ironically Nigeria teachers are the only country that beg to be fairly rewarded here on earth rather than wait for all the goodies in heaven” how many of them will actually make heaven”.

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  1. I graduated 11 yeards ago, i spent 7 years in school instead of 5 years all thanks to incessant strike actions. We felt such was happening because of the military in power. 11 years after democracy, i feel shamed that we still have a country who is not able to put her house in order, especially regarding education, the source of development. Tosin Omoba, wetin we go do about 9ja?