Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Living in Africa is one of the greatest imagination one can ever appreciate in one’s life time. Black and proud is what someone can ever cave as a motto.
Greatest musician that ever sang a song hit track are black, Black American especially those captured by the so called colonial masters. This captured black are later refers as expatriate.

A Prophet is not will appreciate at home (local player), “home based player”, but widely celebrated outside (foreign player) “international player”. One thing that can never be sideline out of Africa is that of cultural heritage. These are what the foreigner and tourist found interesting most in Africa, Nigeria.

Indeed it caught my attention when I saw late Susanne Wenger a.k.a Olorisaiwinfunke who lived and died in Osogbo Osun State, Nigeria and married to a Nigerian Talking drummer in the quest of finding the source of Osun water, and Mango Park who also died in Nigeria.

Africans and Africa descended have made a numerous innovations, for which they are either not recognized
Daisaku Ikeda, a Japanese write and leader of the International Society for value Creation, a Lay Buddhist organization, has over three decades, said “Africa is the Continent for the Twenty-First Century”. In his work, Human Revolution, he said that the change in one man can change the destiny of a nation, and ultimately of the world. I therefore move the motion that the change you want to see is in the hand of the blacks.

In as much as we continue to live Africans will continue to be celebrated.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Osun Osogbo festival has come and gone for the good of our cultural heritage, harmonization of our rich culture, am black and proud of my culture, indeed blacks are worth celebrating.
Welcome to my world of cultural festivity Osun 2010.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


There is a necessary need for the efforts of private individuals participating with government in building children to be physically well and

mentally developed towards sustaining the development of our country future leaders.

Deputy Governor Princess Sarah Adebisi Sosan noted this statement at the official launching of NNPC/CHERON mass de-worming programme for public schools at Gbagada, Lagos State .

Princess Sosan, noted that the children should be regularly de-wormed as this will reduce the risk of being infected with germs at their early stage in life, parent should ensure that the de-worming of their wards should not stop there.

Sosan, said that well meaning Nigerian should help in the development of children well being, doing such is part of their social responsibilities as stated by the constitution guiding the country.

Meanwhile the Public Affairs Maganer of Chevorn, Mr Femi Odumabo said that the clarion call was because of rising tomorrow leaders for our great country.

Mr Odumabo said doing this programme is part of being involved in capacity building and nation building in achieving the Development Millennium Goals, MDGs target by President Umaru Musa Yaradua’s administration.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Our reward they say is in heaven,but who among them is ready to die? Are you ready to die? No! better.
Newly recuited Teachers and non teaching staffs of district two,three and four all in Maryland and district one,five and six in Osodi has been charged to embrace proffesionalities in their field of studies in order to train students.
The question is who among them is ready to train the students when the monthly numeration is not encouraging,yes!an average teacher receive at least 20,000,25,000 per month,is that encouraging?.
Well i hope the Teachers Salaries Scheme,TSS,they are fighting for will see the light of the day.What amaze me most is that teachers don't assist each other despite the forming of National Union Teachers,NUT,which they calm that they fight common interest,far away from it.
Even the Commissioner of Education has her own lapses on her path but she will never aspect that lapses because she herself assume that she is the Alpha and Omega of Education in Lagos State.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Special marshals now on duty

In case you see them on the high road of the ever busy road of Lagos State don’t be scare of them, they are only paying their humanitarian obligation to the national call. Eh! Stop there why navigating the wrong lane, you are hereby arrested of which you will be undergoing brain problem or you go Yaba left.

This is coming forth as a result of the Federal Road Safety Corps, Lagos State command, Ojodu, Lagos, during the induction of celebrity special marshals into their office towards reducing the high rate of road accident in major road of Lagos especially express way.

Corp marshal and chief executive, Osita Chidoka, noted that the use of celebrity was due to their social responsibilities they have contributed to the Nation through music, comedy, acting and journalistic experience.

Out of the celebrity special marshals, only 18 celebrities were around, 3 were represented, 5 were absent which shows that many were called, few were crowned with special marshal.

Those celebrity marshals include Dayo Adeneye, Ambrose Somide, Bashiru Adisa, Azu Arinze, Charles Bruce, Adaure Achumba, Funmi Wakama, Ali Baba, Adewale Ayuba, Jimmy Jatt, Weird MC, Stella Damasus, Nigga Raw, Olumide Iyande, Funke Akindele, Seun Olagunju, Koffi Idown, Ademola Adeoye and a post mortal special marshal to late Momoh Kubunji.

Guess what CSM (Celebrity Special Marshal) as been added to their C.V, Curriculum Vital

Friday, October 16, 2009

After the party

Indeed music is full of life so let it continue to roll like the rolling thunder boat that strikes the whole community. As a matter of desperation, music is love if only one can identify the spirit of love running and roving in ones mind then everything is settled in your own judgment reasoning
The very first day I listen and watch save the last dance I taught if am wrong please correct me am holy enough to behold the burning desire in my hearth by stopping the quest from dancing, but my effort was stylishly abolished from the glance of my sight. Right from the DJ’s stand, the music as been littering the ground which arose to the imagination of the visitor which amounts to the sudden dancing steps displayed by individuals.
Wait a minute when the warming was passed not for the law makers benefits, but for individual benefit ‘don’t drink when driving’ in fact to smoke and drive, these are all for my benefit if only you think so. Oh I fill story for my friend “oh the drunkard” please not client the drunk. After the party my friend was drunkard, he asked me, I believe he’s not normal, but fortunately he himself believe he’s right when asking me the road that links to Ibadan express way when actually he was on the route in Ogba Bus-stop
Can someone brief me the duty of Nigerian Police Force, protection of life and property they say, but that was not the case of the man that was drunked after the party, when they willing stopped the drunked man and collected money and ironically the man was passed to find his route to his destination, is that man safe after the party?
Oh I’m virgin; I even taught that they were referring to virgin Atlantic Airways. No one tells you that she is a virgin until you witness after the party when the music is rolling especially when the light is switch off,then think of what will happen After the party what happen.
There come the visitor, that arrived Nigeria, in the busy street of Agege, Ifako-Ijaiye, Yaba,, oh I forgot the slumming area of Makoko.
Watch out! for the consequences of After the Party

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The new face of Ejigbo Local Governmet in process

Measures are in line towards making Ejigbo Local Council Development Area (LCDA), getting a new look, and making it a tourist centre for observers.

Ejigbo local council development area chairman Mr Kehind Bamigbetun make this known while briefing news hunters during a media tour in every local council development area in Ejigbo.

Mr. Bamigbetun said that the measures in place for the community include the building of new primary schools, customary court, public toilet, canals among these rests of others.

Bamigbetun specifically pointed out that among the constructions going on is the Oke Afa canals and the drainage system. this will be a critical project and ambitious one of this administration due to the fact that the Lagos State intended to bring a ferry services that will begin from international airport and terminate at mile 2 and onward.’ if than it is ensure that there is regular flow of water into the ferry, the flow will be faster with that there will be traffic congestion on the road.

Another reason for the critical involvement of the project is the development of a tourist centre, bomb blast January 27 2002 where innocent soul lost there live, same spot were they buried. Therefore we intend to make it a attractive for tourist purpose.

Bamigbetun noted that the brain behind the construction is to make every resident in that areas reap the dividend of democracy and making fulfillment of his promises.

During the media tour, Engineer Oluyemi Akinsanya narrate how Orile Ejigbo looks like before embarking on the canal project and how his security(gateman)Mallam Alli lost his due to the heavy downpour of rain.

Engineer Akinsanya also complain about the improper cement and low quality of materials used by the contractors, which gave room for Bamigbetun urging the Ejigbo residents to report any contractor using inferior materials, challenging them to be a watchdog because it’s a collective communal project not government or individual project.