Thursday, June 25, 2009

Message to His Excellence

A Prophet who is not honoured at home and outside his gradualy heading for destruction no matter his effort towards making an entire entity to glory.
This was as a result of the slow pace of President Umaru Musa YarAdua's Administration at a circulated assessment of the two years ruling Nigeria.
His two years of ruling as been regarded as disappointing outcome, Within his two years.He articulated a clear vision of seven points aganda which is slowly coming to an end, has become the butt of joke not seeing the light of the day.Also vision 20-20 which was inherited from the former President Olusegun Obasanjo has not been detailed. National Economy Empowerment Development Strategies(NEEDS), programmes, plans has been dumped.
According to some prominent Politicians who said that President YarAdua does not seem to have one good overarching idea that he relentlessly pursues. Even his "Rule of law idea is not fully understood and respected by his inner circle, his attorney General and family. The administration seems unfocused and in the of a critic, clueless".
Power generation has fallen from 3200MW in May 2007 to less than 1000MW and all inherited power investments put on hold while being endlessly investigated and falsehood propagation to discredit needed investment has been aborted.
Recently, Ghanian Presiodent John Atta Mills announced 15 years tax free for interested businessmen to come and invest, the implication of this is that Ghana economy will boom and it will aloso provide job opporunities for the citizens and other jobless ones. what is happaning to our own President?.

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