Monday, June 15, 2009

The death of an hero

In remembrance of June 12, all citizens have been charge to be optimistic in their endeavors so as to achieve the Millennium Development Goal. (MDGs).
This was the report filed from the Deputy Governor, Plateau State Honorable Mrs Pauline Tallen. (OFR) during a seminar to mark the anniversary of JUNE 12 election, organized by the Organization for Christians in Democracy at Ikeja.
The Deputy Governor who was duly represented by the National Chairman on religious matters Rev. John Pofi. He noted that Nigeria was granted full independence in October 1960, as a federation of three regions (northern, western, and eastern) under a constitution for a parliamentary form of government. Under the constitution, each of the three region retained a substantial measure of self governance which actual gave the federal government exclusive power defense and security, foreign relations, and commercial and fiscal policies.
Rev Pofi, said politicians must ensure that they exercise the highest form of responsibility in serving the people who elected them; they must ensure good governance and shun corruption, nepotism.
He said election in Nigeria was described as a way of choosing credible leadership. In 1990 the first stage of partisan election was held at all local government level by gubernatorial and state legislative elections in 1991, turnout was low but violent was not find. However Babangida canceled primaries election scheduled for August and September 1992 due to fraud.
All announced candidates were disqualified, after delayed promises for election in 1990, the government finally held a presidential election on JUNE 12, 1993.In what most observers deemed to be Nigeria’s fairest elections which indicates that the businessman mogul Chief M.K.O Abiola won the election, but on JUNE 23, Babangida used his several pending lawsuits to annul the election put Nigeria into turmoil.
To the surprise of hearing General Babangida gave the reason why he annulled the 1993 election which produced a true democratic leader. He said he was compelled to nullify the election because of security threats to the enthronement of a democratic government at the time.
Babangida made this disclosure on a T.V program, Moments with Mo, anchored by Mo Abudu a broadcast on MNet channel of DSTV. He said the annulment was unfortunate and revealed that he launch a book on the saga soon ( how soon is the soon).
In his own contribution President of the Organisation for Christian for Democracy, Rev Taiwo Ajose urged all Christians to come out in mass and participate in political issues so as to move the nation forward.

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