Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Our reward they say is in heaven,but who among them is ready to die? Are you ready to die? No! better.
Newly recuited Teachers and non teaching staffs of district two,three and four all in Maryland and district one,five and six in Osodi has been charged to embrace proffesionalities in their field of studies in order to train students.
The question is who among them is ready to train the students when the monthly numeration is not encouraging,yes!an average teacher receive at least 20,000,25,000 per month,is that encouraging?.
Well i hope the Teachers Salaries Scheme,TSS,they are fighting for will see the light of the day.What amaze me most is that teachers don't assist each other despite the forming of National Union Teachers,NUT,which they calm that they fight common interest,far away from it.
Even the Commissioner of Education has her own lapses on her path but she will never aspect that lapses because she herself assume that she is the Alpha and Omega of Education in Lagos State.

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